I'm the only architect in the United States without an I-Phone!

I'm the only architect in the United States without an I-Phone ?(or rectangly glasses) (or black in my wardrobe – old bike race t-shirts don't count right?) (or even a jacket – let alone a suit!) Ah, rural life...peaceful silence, other than the occasional airplane, haying in nearby fields and a neighbor down the road working on enlarging a wood pile (insert personal guilt and feelings of inadequacy here) and no internet or cell phone access. Actually much of this area of Vermont has no internet or cell phone access once you leave the I-91 corridor. So I have an office in Brattleboro with cable and my business phone is my cell phone. When I leave my office it usually means I am also out of cell phone range. Thus I have little use for a smart phone. I sometimes long for “aps” even though I barely even know what they are and, by the way, I can't text to save my life. We also gave up on TV years ago. The only option for television is a satellite dish high on a tree near the house. Then at some point we realized we were much to busy to ever actually watch TV so we canceled service. We still had a public television station when the rabbit ears were adjusted just so. Then TV went digital and we lost our one remaining station after trying out one of those little boxes you get with a coupon. The we got a Netflix account which we still have although we manage to watch about one movie every six weeks. (we came down with kids) so I expect that will go next. So there is still radio. Except that the sound of the wind in the pine trees over the house and the crickets in the field is so lovely.