Robert Swinburne

Was a mediocre student in high school.

Bob's grades were fine and he was a band geek but he was too busy reading, drawing and building things to bother studying. During the summer in Harrison, Maine he worked for one of those people who could do anything. Bob didn't learn to do everything but he learned a lot.

After a few false starts at college Bob found architecture school and it was good.  Time consuming and expensive, but good.

After graduation, Bob headed for the hills of Vermont, worked for several architectural firms and spent six years as a carpenter before becoming a licensed architect and starting this firm.

Bob lives in Halifax, Vermont in a little house with a big barn, lots of woods, a wife, two kids and assorted animals.  He takes off into the woods everyday with the K-9 patrol.

Lots of people think Bob is a pretty good architect.  


I do things a bit differently from most architects. 

The traditional architect-led design and building process can work very well for some types of projects but High Performance homes require a high performance process.   A High Performance process requires an integrated team from day oneā€¦before the design sketches start to fly!  Ideally, the builder becomes part of the team very early in the design process to help vet the design for cost, detailing, and build-ability



Here's an actual picture of me