Some notes on windows to be filed under "opinions and musings".In the past several years I have designed some houses with large window quantities although not necessarily in terms of the area of glazing to floor area ratio. I often use lots of smaller operating windows and some large fixed windows, often mulled together so they install a one unit. Usually there is some push-back from the client because the number of windows is a clearly quantifiable beast which makes it fair game for the budget axe. Windows (fenestration) are much more difficult to get right than floor plans so I spend a disproportionate amount of time and worry getting them right. Typically the contractor will point out that "there are an awful lot of windows" in this project and the client will then come to me and ask "why" and can we "lose some windows?". Tough thing to hear after putting in so much effort to get them right. The window budget typically represents about 5% of the overall so it is not really a big deal. And also, and typically, (grumpy sputtery architect time) triple glazed windows are completely out of the question because when it comes right down to it, people care about the environment until it affects their granite countertops or 4 bathrooms or huge bedrooms (another blog another day) I have had the satisfaction over the past few years of having the clients understand and appreciate the window decisions I made during planning when they see the real thing built. Sometimes the client will even add a window or two.