What I want my blog to be

What I want to do with this blog

I have been thinking more about where I would like to go with this blog and I have looked at various other blogs that I keep an eye on. Some architecture blogs focus on criticism, some on products and some on the process of design. Since it is a “professional” blog I will try not to get too political and I will try not to spend too much time complaining. I will keep it semi-architectural but not devoid of opinions or personality. If you are a potential client, I hope you will gain some insight into how I work, what motivates me and, in general , who I am. These are things a client needs to know about their architect for a successful relationship and these are things a standard website may hint at, as I hope mine does. However, most of the other architect’s sites felt very exclusionary to me. Most of them seemed to be saying “don’t bother calling unless you are very wealthy and conservative” or “wealthy urban artsy intelligentsia only need apply”. Since much of my work is for average people who would never have considered hiring an architect if their builder or a friend hadn’t pushed them into it, I don’t want to strike that pose. If you are interested in the ramblings of an architect trying to make a go of it and do good work in rural Vermont than read on. I hope I can, at least provide entertainment.

If nothing else, maybe this blog will make me a better writer.