This may come off sounding like more of a personal diary entry but oh well. I have an intern arriving in a few weeks to work for me for the summer.  (woot!)  I am both exited by and nervous about the whole prospect.  I need to write down a plan of action including my expectations.  I have never before been an employer so to a great extent this is new territory for me.  I have been in a supervisory role both in an office setting and as a carpenter and those situations always went well.  (insert the usual grumbling about having to train someone who is relatively clueless but earning much more than me)  I am hoping that the experience will be not only fun and profitable but force me to introduce more rigor into my working habits.  If I have to be more organized for him then I will have to be more organized myself and I could always use more of that.  I tend to be highly productive but disorganized in my workflow plans.  I have lots of work but of course I am worried about it all drying up instantly.  I would love to get another whole house commision or super cool, green and mod addition/renovation right now but will be fine if I don't.  That's all, I have go to hang up all my awards and distinctions and diplomas etc. to properly impress  and intimidate the intern when he arrives.

On a side note, I have been reading lots of case studies about architectural firm startups and have discovered that I am doing it all wrong!