FALL = Wood

I have been rather absent from both this blog and from my office lately. Fall is a time of "busy" for me. The first cold snap sends me scurrying for my chain saw when I realize I have made little headway towards getting the winter wood supply cut split and stacked. Typically, I fell some trees in the winter and spring for the following year. I also cut a lot of ash which grows near the house, is dying, (?) is easy to split, burns well even if it is not seasoned. Fall is also a time when I realize that we live in a small house and it is a mess. Thus I spend an inordinate amount of time "nesting" Paying work is slim this fall so I cleaned and insulated the basement, then I cleaned and added insulation to the attic. Of course the part of the house we live in is still a mess. Fall is also a time when I like to bake. I don't know why. I have been baking bread several times a week as well as muffins, rolls and assorted other treats. Perhaps, when I do the lumberjack thing I feel the need for buttered scones with tea.Bob's woodshed