Architect trees bear

Another one for my Urban hipster friends:Pa Ingalls ain't got nothin on me! If this had been three or four hundred years ago I would have been called “crazy white dude who chases huge bears up trees and then throws plant pots at them” by the locals.

in which Bob chases a bear up a tree

This particular huge black bear Ursus Americanus Americanus showed up on our porch while we were watching Hugo which was a pretty good movie although the automaton will probably show up in a few scary dreams in coming days. (mine). In the spirit of “putting the fear of Bob” into this bear so he wouldn't come back looking for handouts, I charged out the door yelling, shining flashlights and letting adrenaline do all the work. Instead of running into the woods he climbed up this tree. This happens too often to me. I need to re-think my approach – perhaps less rapid. Did I mention that this bear was really big? My wife thinks I'm crazy now. Crazier. At least I was dressed this time.

Here is a picture with gentle sheep: