Grandpa eloquence

Too good not to share: Bob, I wish I needed a house. You gave me lots of stuff on tree houses, though; and I read the books and think about tree houses the same way I think about Zeppelins and interurban trains and tiny Smart cars, all the great ideas I'd like to exploit. The house looks delightful. Some architct I read about today, a woman, said something like, architecture works when the occupant feel happy. Maybe thats Duh! but I have been in spaces that made me feel that the ceiling was going to come down and crush me, or the walls close in like that room in Poe's The Pit and the Pendulum. Large public spaces, like our Harris Theater in Millenium Center, give you a feeling of joyful anticipation when you walk in (holding, in my case, the convenient handrails).

My room here is so placed that I can see the moon over Rockefeller Center's tower as I lie in bed. That's a wonderful collaberation between architecture and astronomy.

Congratulations! Love,Allen