E3 with Emily - My guest appearance on Emily Mottram's podcast

Last week I sat down via Zoom and had a good conversation with Emily Mottram, an Architect in Maine with whom I have been discussing our plan selling businesses and how to combine efforts and make this aspect of our businesses grow. Emily has a weekly podcast E3 - Energy and Efficiency with Emily that focuses on energy efficiency and architecture. My big takeaway from our conversation is that I need to look at my own Vermont Simple House business as semi-custom house plans. There is a vast middle area between click and buy house plans and full custom architectural services. This middle area is completely owned by custom builders with nary an architect to be found. Emily sells her plans with a contract, a minor amount of customization and a level of construction administration. She is mostly cutting out the very time consuming design process. I realize that this is where I need and want to be in the market as well. Give it a listen.